Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography

Whilst most people improvise with a camera phone to capture a nice image of a room in their home to share with friends. It is completely a different audience when you are appealing to prospective purchasers, a phone photo will not cut it.

When it comes to selling your home, you need a professional photographer to capture your room spaces to maximize what your purchaser sees, in the right light and the right angles. This will assist your selling agent or yourself in obtaining the maximum price on offer . You know the old saying, ‘just because you own a set of spanners; doesn’t make you a mechanic.’

This is a great article from the top real estate website for real estate in Australia,

NEG photography does have editing skills, use professional equipment, have my cameras serviced regularly and understand the angles and presentations required to market your home. (A little secret, I actually was a licensed Real Estate Agent and in the industry for over 15 years).

How do I present my home for sale?

Well also have a great article, regarding your home presentation tips.

The reason for decluttering is to make sure people look at the room and not what you have in it. The prospective purchaser wants to see as much floor space and bench space as possible as that is what they are buying afterall.

Any good agent will also recommend these tips, as this will assist them in maximising your sale price. In a sense, you have also started to pack and plan your move once the agent sells. It is a stressful time when selling your home, so this is a more relaxed method that heads you in the right direction of packing, whilst assisting your photographer, agent and family.

Should you have any questions on what you need to pack to get your home ready for a professional photo shoot, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and send me an email, with some photos of your home and I will happily reply.  This will give you a head start on booking me for your appointment.

Floor Plans

A floor plan is a great tool for people to understand the flow of your home before even booking an appointment. They will be able to start to visualise how the spaces will work in their family life. 

After the inspection, a floor plan is a great reminder of the foot steps they actually took into each room, allowing serious buyers to imagine living in the home and mapping out where they could put their furniture.

Generally, purchasers look at a few homes on an open home day in the areas they want to purchase in. A floor plan could be the difference to having this purchaser making a memorable connection with your property and being able to recall the layout easily and without confusion.

Virtual Tours

Digitally promote a home for sale or rent, a holiday rental or holiday cabin and Caravan Park Facilities to gain a wonderful 360 degree perception of the layout and inclusions, space and location, without people evening stepping outside their front door.

Click on the image to experience a 360 Virtual Tour. Clicking on each red dot will take you to another point in the property to view, you can click and drag your mouse from left to right and top to bottom.


Get a quote to have your home photographed.

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